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The Most Common Reasons For Car Air Conditioning Repairs

The use of a vehicle can be highly convenient when compared to public transport; however, driving along in a car with faulty or broken air conditioning can be highly uncomfortable. This is especially true when driving in warm temperatures where the interior of a car can reach almost unbearable highs. If your vehicle's AC system is "on the fritz" it is necessary to gain a diagnosis of why it is no longer working. Typically, the need for a repair is immediate but the amount of cost can be based on the cause of the AC fault. This article will provide information on the most common reasons why a car air conditioning system may break.

1. Electrical Problems

One of the common reasons why an air conditioning system may fail is a technical problem. Fuses, pressure switches and other electrical elements can break at almost any point because of defect, overuse, or age. Once one, or more, of these factors are experienced, the AC will shut itself down as many ACs are designed to for safety reasons. The consequential result is an inability to turn the system on and no conditioning of the air. In the case of an electrical problem, it will be necessary for a trained professional air conditioning technician to resolve the issue as they have the correct skill and knowledge.

2. Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant, also known as coolant, is the substance placed in the system to cool the air released from the air conditioning vents. The cooling procedure operates via a closed-loop where the refrigerant is pressurized and evaporates into a gas used to cool the interior of the car. When a leak occurs in this closed-loop system, the levels will fall and the air released will be hot instead of cool.

While a coolant leakage problem is not as severe as an electrical problem and may not require professional technicians, one issue is that locating the leak can be challenging. Unlike oil leaks, a refrigerant leak does not leave a puddle or mark and the leak could be located anywhere in the system. To correct the issue it is necessary to assess the entire system and diagnose the issue accurately.

3. Clogged Air Filters

Attached to the exterior of the car's ventilation system, the air filter is used to remove dirt, dust and pollution from the outside before releasing air into the car. Due to the vast amount of debris that makes its way through the vents, it is possible for the air filters to become clogged and this will negatively affect the AC. If the AC is barely blowing, there is a chance the filters are clogged or there is an obstruction on the filters. The resolution of this problem requires no professional assistance and can be fixed by removing and cleaning the component.


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