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Russian Military Hovercraft

The Soviet news outlet Pravda has reported a unique movie with footage of the planet's largest hovercraft or air cushioned vehicle. The huge floating hover ship is called Mordovia, and is shown firing shells at test objects, and obliterating targets while going through it's drills in the Baltic's. The Soviet Zubr-class ACV is intended to transport water going assault platoons, comprising soldiers and armored vehicles to locations in difficult environments, in addition to carrying and setting munitions to destroy naval targets.

The hovercraft can transport several full size armored vehicles, a number of smaller support trucks abut 150 soldiers. The 200 foot long craft displaces over five hundred tons of water and can travel at speeds of 80 miles an hour. With a full load, the vehicle can traverse a 5-degree slope on rough terrain and easily get over four foot high walls or other obstacles!.It can stay seaworthy in quite heavy weather conditions, with waves up to 7 feet high..

As well as from launching projectiles towards targets on sea or dry land, the monster can sea-lift armored full-track carriers and soldiers to a completely new and isolated location very quickly, and the vehicle has now joined the Baltic Fleet. In perhaps the strangest piece of Soviet weirdness, a massive hovercraft bearing military insignia and sporting state of the art weapons of war just happened to float onto a busy public beach. It seems that the nation would like to be the region's own private penitentiary.

The enormous Zubr hovercraft are supposedly the biggest of the lot , and probably the biggest craft of it's kind in the world and is capable of transporting armored tanks in addition to four hundred marines. So why did it appear on a beach chockerèblosk with holiday-makers? Unfortunately nobody has any idea, or at least they are not saying. A Soviet spokesman for the government said:

Landing on a sandy beach is just a normal thing to do. The important question to ask is what were holiday makers doing on this beach where military exercises were taking place? Well, if the beach (it's in in Mechnikovo) is actually strictly out of bounds, it's obviously many people have just been terribly ill-advised, to allow several thousands of tourists to gather on a beach where hovercrafts tend to land now and again, or even regularly. It's possible nobody will ever know what really occurred, but at least it's too far away to bother us here - it'll be much safer buy personal hovercraft in UK .

Leisure Hovercraft In The Outdoor Activity Market

Marine and sea leisure sport activity is a major commercial market and growing fast. At last small personal hovercraft are becoming recognized as a great deal of fun! Many people are asking where and how they can buy a hovercraft, often searching for hovercraft manufacturers on the internet. Although an air cushioned vehicle of this type is not cheap, most beach and sports type activity is practiced by the under 40s, who tend to have money to spend on that kind of thing.

In the 60s a new craze swept America and Australia - surfing! Teenagers wanted the freedom of the beach, excitement and speed - surfing provided all of these things. Soon afterwards, some bright mind fitted wheels to a smaller version and the skate board was born. Back to the beach, and the jet ski was added to the available sports, together with the sail board and the paragliding surf board.

On dry land, other vehicles like the quad bike provided an equally exciting experience. Then along came a a vehicle that could operate on dry land, on river or lakes and also the sea! Floating a few inches over any surface was sure to give a smooth ride and challenge new people thirsty fro new experiences. After all, this was a different kettle of fish from driving on land, or steering a speed boat on water. For one thing, when you told it to go right, it didn't move immediately, so a lot of skill was needed to pilot it.

The demand for a personal hovercraft came from two areas of the leisure market - racing and fun. It goes without saying that racing is almost by definition fun, but there is an element of danger implicit in the activity, a danger which some people don't really want. A family man prefers comfort and a high degree of safety if he's going to trust a craft with his children. A hovercraft design for speed is completely different from one designed for family use. You can find some design criteria on this site

Racing craft are built for speed, so the designer needs to make everything as light as possible. Traditionally, the hull would be made from glass fiber and the skirt fabricated out of a tough sail cloth that doesn't rip, or polyethylene. The engine would be light weight, which means spinning at high revolutions to create the power need for lift and forward thrust. Such craft almost always have just one two stroke engine.

A leisure hovercraft doesn't have to be so fast, so the hull can be thicker and made from a heavier material which won't split if it hits an obstruction. The engine could be a four stroke type, which is quieter and more reliable.

How To You Steer A Small Personal Hovercraft?

Hovercraft are unlike any other kind of vehicle because of their peculiar requirements for control, and particularly, steering. One would think that it would steer a bit like and airplane, and to some extent that is true, but only in certain circumstances. Both kinds of transport can change direction by obstructing the forward thrust air flow by interposing an aerofoil, or aileron, and changing it's angle. However, with an airplane it's much more effective because they normally travel at a higher speeds. Even large hovercraft never go more than 200 kmph.

At these lower speeds, traditional ways of steering air borne craft are not too effective, so the steerage action needs to be effected well before the change in direction is required. It is the same kind of principle as an ocean liner or a cargo vessel which can take 3 to 4 kms to turn through a 90 degree bend. These huge ships also need quite a lot of time to stop as well. Even if the engines are reversed at full power, the sheer inertia of the craft ensure that they will continue in the same trajectory for quite a while.

As one might imagine, much smaller craft don't have the same characteristics, whether it's a personal hovercraft or a light aircraft. Of course, small hovercraft can stop quite quickly, and in an emergency, it's possible to just cut the engine. However, this is dangerous over water, as the front end will plow in and bring it to a very rapid stop, throwing passengers violently over the bow. It should be relatively safer on a flat solid surface, but be assured that the craft will sustain substantial damage to the skirt and hull. If the hull is made from glass fiber, this kind of manoeuvre would be disastrous as the hull would undoubtedly split and require expensive repairs.

When searching for a hovercraft for sale, it's important to try it out first, and give particular attention to the steering - Click to read. Normally, its done by using handle bars, similar to a motor bike, which changes the angle o fan aerofoil fixed in the forward thrust air flow. However, this only has a limited effect and so the operator must throw his body weight to one side if he wants to change direction with urgency at maximum rate. Hovercraft designed for up to 6 people, who may be members of you family, still use the same principle, but of course safety considerations mean this type of manoeuvre should be limited and use with caution.

Are You Searching Out Used Cars In Bexley For Your Next Vehicle?

How many times have you purchased a used car in Bexley?

Have you made any mistakes that you can learn from? I sure have, and of course sometimes you just can't help what happens in the aftermath. You can look a car over and have it inspected thoroughly, but who can see what is going to happen with a vehicle months down the road? That does bring up a good point, however, as making sure the car has been inspected is a big deal. You also need to know about the car's history.

You should easily be able to find out about a car's history online. Sometimes you might be searching out cars that you've found online, and other times you might be looking at cars in person and run across one you like. Never allow yourself to get too excited and purchase a vehicle without taking the time to thoroughly check it out.

You want a used car to last, so these steps are at the forefront of people's minds. However, there are other things to think about as well, such as how much are you willing to pay? Used car lots love to put expensive prices on their cars. They have put much time into taking care of them and fixing them up for sure. That doesn't mean though that you need to be overpaying for a vehicle. Of course, if you show up with a small down payment and with credit that is one step away from being a disaster, then you don't have many options.

You definitely want to haggle on the price, but from the very beginning, you need to be looking at your price range. If you look at vehicles that are too expensive, you're going to put yourself in a used car that you can't afford. It's a good idea to actually first establish your price range and start looking for vehicles that fit that range. Make your list of vehicles so that you can easily reference them later when making a decision about which cars to buy.

When you're serious about taking a look at the vehicles, you're going to have to know where they are located of course. Make sure you're looking at local vehicles in Bexley, or you're going to be traveling to find your used car. There are all kinds of places that sell used cars, so you want to be sure that the vehicles that you've found are from a reputable dealer.

This means that at the same time you're building your list of cars, you're going to want to be checking out reviews about dealers in your area. If you can find a used car dealership with all positive reviews, then you've found a diamond in the rough. In all seriousness, no dealership is going to have all positive reviews, but you should be able to find some good places. You can then meet with the dealerships to look at the cars you've selected. Lastly, give yourself enough time to make your final decision.