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Simple Boat Security Recommendations

This article aims to quickly provide you with some 'quick hit' basic knowledge, facts and recommendations about how to better secure you boat and associated boating articles. Our aim here is merely to generate goodwill and to fulfil our intended role as a responsible boat insurance provider.

Inevitably those who would seek to take advantage of your boating worldly possessions range from the opportunistic to the dedicated professional criminal, therefore as a result anyone’s vessel and associated belongings can be a target of crime no matter what it’s size or value. Besides the actual boat itself, common items stolen from boats primarily tend to be those easily picked up and carried by humans. Outboard motors and generators, marine communications or navigation equipment, tools/ toolboxes and personal belongings are most common place. However due to ease of selling items via the internet these days even highly specialist items if not put away or fixed down are also vulnerable.

As a result we all need to periodically make an objective review of our own security vulnerabilities, do the simple things consistently and to objectively consider taking additional security precautions now rather than later. Much of the advice surrounding boat security is common sense when you read it and actually the precautions are often no different from the way you would protect your home or other cherished belongings.

Audit your situation

The task here is to put yourself in the shoes of a wannabe thief. Walk around your vessel mooring and then your boat and ask what would I be attracted to steal here, what opportunities do I have to steal something without being detected? Consider the following...

What items are loose/ detachable on the outside of the vessel.
What is on display inside the vessel.
Where could entry be most easily be forced.
Is my mooring too highly concealed (particularly important to consider when on tour/ roaming).
Or adversely, is my mooring too easily accessible.

Write down the issues you find, rank/ weight them in order of greatest impact/risk and decide what actions to take to mitigate the risk.

The Simple Measures

Listed below are things to do consistently. They cost nothing and we suggest should just be part of your standard operating procedure not matter where you are.

Never leave keys in the ignition when not needed.
Always lock your boat when not on-board.
Always store loose items inside the boat when moored or take them away (e.g. oars/ paddles or dinghies).
Always hide valuables from sight.
Keep a record of all serial numbers for valuable articles (your boat insurance company will inevitably want these in the event of a loss!) and importantly store them away from vessel!
Never leave any boat ownership related documentation or personally identifiable information on board.

Security Measures to Consider Implementing

If not implemented currently, these items will all require at least some financial outlay but guarantee to reduce the risk of being targeted by thieves. All suggestions should be considered in the context our your vessel and the risk you identify.

Fit an alarm.
Fit an internal secret/ secure storage unit for valuables.
Fit heavier/ insurance approved padlocks and bolts to doors, plus rim-locks to hatches and heavier chains to trailers/ generators etc.
Home postcode tag your valuables.
Get wheel locks for any trailers.

Finally, be vigilant

Being watchful for others provides both goodwill and prevents thieves being inadvertently being attracted near your boat through the lapse security of others. The goodwill generated also encourages others to be watchful for your belongings.

Always, always close/lock gates and lockable onsite facilities behind you... why risk it?
Be on the lookout and question the identity of strangers.
Point out obvious security flaws to fellow boaters.
Keep an eye on other boats as well as your own.
Report any suspicious activity to marine security personnel or yard masters.

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Tow Trucks And Your Auto Insurance Policy

When you're seeking a new insurance policy for your car, you'll have some important documents and perhaps a sticker to place on your car. One of the stickers may be a DO NOT TOW sticker. This will have specific information for tow truck drivers on who to call that is authorized by your insurance carrier. It's vital that you place this sticker on your car where the insurance company tells you to place it.

While there are many towing companies out there, only certain ones are authorized by specific insurance companies. There may be several tow trucks that show up at the scene of a wreck, however, you want the one that is authorized by your insurance carrier to be the one that tows your vehicle. Otherwise, your insurance may be invalidated. You may also not have the tow covered if you don't use the company that your insurance carrier authorized. Your insurance company will already have a rapport with a reputable company so don't worry that you're not going to be covered. It's just that they want the business to go to a company that they have pre-authorized for your insurance so this is a vital thing to them. They want to know that the car won't have further damage so they want only their authorized insurance carriers to do the towing.

Keep in mind too, that there are many tow truck drivers out there who aren't reputable. You want to know that your tow company is reputable. There are many people who are into strange dealings and will actually cause a wreck just to get business. You don't want to deal with such companies. Your car may sustain further damage. Keep in mind that your insurance company actually has your best interest at heart and you want to make sure that you're following their recommendations for your car and for your own safety. Many tow drivers are so disreputable that they will put oil slicks on sharp turns and wait for you to slide out of control. Don't fall prey to such sneaky tricks. Stand firm that you can't allow anyone else to tow your vehicle.

Another trick to be mindful of is that some tow companies will try to convince you that they are authorized by your insurance company. Keep in mind that your insurance company will have your best interest at heart. Don't fall prey to a sneaky call that makes it sound like your insurance company is authorizing the tow, disreputable companies also have someone at the other end of the phone pretending to be your insurance company as well. Thus, you are the only one that should call your insurance company and arrange the tow. That is the only way you'll know for sure that the right tow company is coming to help you.

Avoid being tricked or coerced into believing a lie. Plan ahead to call your company yourself. In fact, you might ask them what they want you to do and follow that to the letter. Remember, even if the other company offers free towing, they may be doing it to further damage your vehicle. Don't fall prey to this trick. Put the sticker on your car where you're told to put it and you'll do just fine. Call your insurance company yourself and arrange the tow so you won't be tricked.

Why Swt Is The Best In The Business

There are tens to hundreds of tyre shops all across the country, but it can be taxing for consumers to find one that will give the best services and products without ripping them off.

SWT Street Wheels and Tyres originated in Slacks Creek, which still is the current address for the shops showroom. Since 1994, they have been serving customers with the best quality wheels, tyres, and accessories in Brisbane. Owner Graham Pokarier had a vision of a fresh, new approach for the industry. Today, SWT is the largest showroom that caters to drivers and vehicle owners in the area.

The company has gotten far in the business from being a simple, independent seller, it has become a supplier of a wide variety of wheels and tyres that fit the needs of different clients.

Experienced Staff and Comprehensive Offerings

This is why whether youre looking in to simply browse their offerings or you already have a specific product in mind, this is the perfect shop to go to. Plus, their staff of dedicated and experienced professionals will assist you in all ways possible. They are knowledgeable in all things wheels and tyres, so if youve got questions, they can help you out and point you to the right direction. This is very important because not all wheels and tyres are built the same what might work for one vehicle might not for another.

All Vehicle Types Welcome

As mentioned, SWT offers a comprehensive line-up of wheels and tyres, which means that you can find parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles here, including servicing as well. From nuts and bolts to custom wheel fitments, you can find it all at SWT.

Affordability is Key

Aside from high quality brands and products, as well as a legit staff, SWT boasts of the best deals in Brisbane. Whatever budget youre working with, the staff will be keen on assisting on finding the best product for your car. With a huge array of products available, there is no doubt that you and your car will go home happy and improved.

The right place to look for both quality and practicality is Street Wheels and Tyres. To see our offers, deals, and product line-up, feel free to visit the showroom at 15 Moss Street, Slacks Creek. You can also visit our website - or call us at 3208-5208 for any inquiries that you might have.

The Top 8 Events For Renting A Party Bus

The party buses offered by Luxury Road Events make a chic and exciting addition to any of your special events or celebrations. The company dedicates itself to serving each customer and passenger to the best of its abilities. You and group are assured of safely and comfortably getting to any venue on time. There wouldnt be a dull moment inside the party bus and youd wind up savoring every minute of the travel time. For all inquiries and bookings, visit

Listed below are eight occasions that are most perfect for chartering a fun-packed party bus:

1. Night Club Tour

Throughout the night, youd be able to freely hop from one club to another with total ease by renting a bus. Also, if theres anyone to give the best suggestions for clubbing, its the driver. He can help you make the rounds over the hottest nightspots, and hed have no problem picking you up from a stop at any time.

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

With all the on-board amenities and space inside the bus, theres no way a soon-to-be bride or groom wouldnt be able to enjoy their last days of unmarried life with their buddies. You can opt to have majority of the party in the vehicle itself and spend a shorter time at one or two bars. The bus is very conducive to normal partying sans a crowded dance floor and extreme noise (although you can amp up the sound systems for that).

3. Birthday

Give your family and friends the treat of a lifetime! Its not every day that youre acknowledging youre older by another full orbit of planet Earth. Use the party bus after hitting the bar as a place for playing games or sharing a birthday cake.

4. Wedding

No event calls for a grander entrance than a wedding. Use party buses to transport the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members, friends and other guests in groups so that they enter with style and elegance. These vehicles would also come in handy after the reception, as guests can be taken home safely and the newlyweds can continue partying together on the way to their suite.

5. Prom Night

The prom is the closest thing to a wedding that any teenager experiences. The vehicle allows dates to enjoy more of each others company as well hang out with classmates before and after the prom. Theyd be under the watch of their chauffeur, who ensures theyre having fun while being safe and responsible.

6. Graduation

Graduates of high school and college deserve to walk on stage, get their certificate and celebrate their achievements with a bang! All those sleepless nights and endless papers have paid off, so why not reward the kids with a little party after the ceremony? It would also give schoolmates an opportunity to bond for one last time.

7. Corporate Event

A party bus is one way of expressing to your employees how much you appreciate them. Theyd be able to relax and get to know their colleagues better over food, drinks or even music. You can also show business partners, investors, clients or prospects how serious you are with your company or team, especially in roadshows.

8. Concert/Sporting Event

Youd be able to enjoy solidarity with your fellow fans or supporters when riding together to a concert or sports game. The adrenaline and excitement can hit you as early as the journey by party bus, where you and your friends may warm-up by jamming to music or watching past competitions.

How To You Steer A Small Personal Hovercraft?

Hovercraft are unlike any other kind of vehicle because of their peculiar requirements for control, and particularly, steering. One would think that it would steer a bit like and airplane, and to some extent that is true, but only in certain circumstances. Both kinds of transport can change direction by obstructing the forward thrust air flow by interposing an aerofoil, or aileron, and changing it's angle. However, with an airplane it's much more effective because they normally travel at a higher speeds. Even large hovercraft never go more than 200 kmph.

At these lower speeds, traditional ways of steering air borne craft are not too effective, so the steerage action needs to be effected well before the change in direction is required. It is the same kind of principle as an ocean liner or a cargo vessel which can take 3 to 4 kms to turn through a 90 degree bend. These huge ships also need quite a lot of time to stop as well. Even if the engines are reversed at full power, the sheer inertia of the craft ensure that they will continue in the same trajectory for quite a while.

As one might imagine, much smaller craft don't have the same characteristics, whether it's a personal hovercraft or a light aircraft. Of course, small hovercraft can stop quite quickly, and in an emergency, it's possible to just cut the engine. However, this is dangerous over water, as the front end will plow in and bring it to a very rapid stop, throwing passengers violently over the bow. It should be relatively safer on a flat solid surface, but be assured that the craft will sustain substantial damage to the skirt and hull. If the hull is made from glass fiber, this kind of manoeuvre would be disastrous as the hull would undoubtedly split and require expensive repairs.

When searching for a hovercraft for sale, it's important to try it out first, and give particular attention to the steering - Click to read. Normally, its done by using handle bars, similar to a motor bike, which changes the angle o fan aerofoil fixed in the forward thrust air flow. However, this only has a limited effect and so the operator must throw his body weight to one side if he wants to change direction with urgency at maximum rate. Hovercraft designed for up to 6 people, who may be members of you family, still use the same principle, but of course safety considerations mean this type of manoeuvre should be limited and use with caution.

Buying Agm Batteries In The Current Market

AGM batteries are used in RVs, motorcycles, power sports, marine applications, wheelchair operations and more. They are required in places where regulations mandate the use of non-spillable batteries. Airports, shopping centers, schools and health care facilities all make use of these batteries, especially when they are designed to offer deep-cycle abilities.

An AGM battery is not necessarily capable of operating as a deep-cycle battery. If the packaging indicates that it is, you can use it as one, however, most times it is a non-deep cycle or starting type of battery.

There is a difference between AGM batteries and gel batteries, although some people find this confusing. AGMs work when a high amount of amps are required for an application, and they can last for years as long as they are not discharged more than half of their full capacity over their lifetime.

They also recharge faster than gel batteries. The cost of gel batteries and AGMs are comparable. However, depending on the application for which they are being used, it is important to buy high-quality AGM products.

Most manufacturers will offer product brochures online so that you can compare abilities and safety features. Look for batteries that have flame arrestors and high compression between the plates and glass mats. It is important to find batteries that will not leak.

For many people, it is also important to buy a product that is recyclable. There are some brands like Trojan that offer recyclable AGM products. Other top manufacturers include Concorde which makes a popular battery called the Sun Xtender. This has a bolt-on connection which gives the battery a completely reliable connection. Duralast also makes AGM battery products and aims for many of them to be used for motorsports.

You can compare products online and purchase batteries online or at a local battery specialty store. Different AGM products are made for various applications, and products come in a variety of price points. Look for batteries that are proven to be leak proof and spill proof for your safety and for the longevity of the battery itself.

Also, look for the efficiency a battery delivers for the application needed. It should be able to deliver high currents without losing voltage, and it should have a good amount of internal resistance. Most batteries listed for sale online will indicate if they are deep-cycle capable and also which applications they are best suited.